InstEbook- Journals and diaries from your Android

Liberating storytelling

Publish your stories in eBooks

Publish personal eBooks about your adventures, interests, and events for friends, family, and yourself. Share more than a picture, save and share entire stories in eBooks that can be read in eReaders or on the web and shared with friends and family via Facebook and email.

Instebooks is personal storytelling. Just tell your story (we convert your speech to text), touch the images you want, select tags, and in seconds you've published an eBook. Instebooks automatically adds maps, an index, a table of contents, a custom cover, and other great details

You're an author-- your own favorite author. Instebooks democratizes storytelling. You can publish your personal memories and experiences in real eBooks. Like the eBooks you buy for your eReader, tablet, and smartphones. Your eBooks go up on your eReader shelves right next to your other favorite authors.

Free your stories from the tyranny of time. Publish your own eBooks.

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